Humans of Thornton Academy

“I honestly regret not attending the women’s march. That’s what’s resinating with me currently because I don’t have any huge life regrets…but after seeing the impact that the marches had politically. I almost had a fear of missing out. I didn’t really understand the full scope of what it was going to be before it happened, but after it did happen, once I saw everything, I was like, ‘oh I wish I could’ve been apart of that, because it was very historic and it was a proud moment and I wish I was there for it.’ I always have this desire to be apart of things that are big and that are happening. So, I don’t know, I just felt like everyone else was there, we are the same people, and I missed it.

I was shocked at first (When Hillary was not elected). Because obviously, just like everyone else we had an expectation and it got turned around at the last second. And I didn’t really have a reaction for a long time because I was in that shock, but I did wear all black to school the next day. Because it was a little bit of a mourning. I was mourning for the loss of the idea of having the first female president because such an opportunity  to have that happen when you’re twenty-one years old, and who knows the next time we’ll see that opportunity. No one has been more qualified, you know, and she didn’t get it… So when are we going to see that happen?”

Miss Parent- Class of ’14 Career Center Intern


Hard News vs Feature Stories 1/30/17

Homework: This American Life https://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/607/didn%E2%80%99t-we-solve-this-one



Hard News

observation, research



Mini headlines

Hopeful for the future

-lots of quotes

-firsthand accounts

nut graph: summarizing sentence

media links

inverted pyramid

Feature Format

observation, interview, research

Short story format

Intimate central character, narrator

Most elements of hard news included, but buttressed by artistic style


Possible Feature: Genetics/Ancestry



Why Journalism? 1/26/17

Why Journalism? Passion.

          I chose journalism for my last high school english class because I wanted to end the year with something I knew I wanted to continue with. Ever since the election of Barack Obama sparked my interest in journalism, I knew I had to be a part of the field. Even at nine years old I had found my passion for political writing. I look forward to using this class to strengthen my political views and how I display them through writing.

          I also look forward to figuring out exactly what I will use this for. I’ve been putting international relations as my major on the common application for all of my schools because I really love travel and learning about the places I visit. As a default, I tell people I want to be a foreign correspondent, but I’m very much open to whatever opportunities the world gives me. I look forward to them with open arms and a smiling face.