Bucket List

1. Live in a bare bones apartment

2. Fall asleep under the stars

3. See the sunset over the city scape

4. Try a new food everyday for a month

5. Go to 5 cities on each continent

6. Make a friend in another country

7.  Finish a notebook

8. Take a road trip with a small group of friends

9. Have an exotic pet

10. Go skydiving



Social Media In Times Of Emergency

Today at Thornton Academy there was a threat to the school that required the campus to be locked down. During this hour and a half long lockdown, kids were posting on twitter and facebook updates. There are many opinions on this issue. Of course, many rumors of what were going on were spread, and it was very difficult to decide what was real and what was not. This brings me to my question; Is social media good or bad in times of emergency?

On one side posting on social media keeps people updated and closer in scary times. I received many messages from friends and family asking if I was okay and trying to find out what was going on. Students who had had first block off were able to stay informed about friends and family’s safety while they were at the school. In that sense social media is a very good thing in this kind of situation.

At the same time posting these things on social sites can be very dangerous. What if the threat is someone who can see these posts? They would be getting every update students and family members are. What about all of the rumors? How can people decide what is true? It’s extremely easy for people who feel vulnerable to believe every story they see. So when looked at this way social media could either be a very good thing or a very bad thing. In a perfect world this wouldn’t need to be worried about, but the world is in fact a very scary place at times. You must use common sense to decide what is best.


Public Nudity

IMG_1292One of my favorite pairs of shoes is a nude colored pair of ballet flats. Quite often people mistake them for my bare feet, and get slightly concerned that I’m walking in my horribly plowed driveway in bare feet. It’s become a common occurrence that people will ask me “Wait why aren’t you wearing shoes?” or “How are your feet not freezing?”. I’ll often reply with “Well my feet are always cold, but I definitely am wearing shoes ” It’s quite a conundrum due to the fact that they are the comfiest shoes on the planet, and I don’t plan on stopping wearing them any time soon.